Board of Directors

Based on the NCI 4.0 Articles of Incorporation the following partners were elected and appointed as members of the NCI4.0 Board of Directors on Sept. 9, 2019: CTU in Prague, Brno University of Technology, VSB Technical University of Ostrava, ŠKODA AUTO SIEMENS, DEL a.s., ABRA Software a.s  and Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic. 

Chairman of the Board

Jiří Kabelka, DEL a.s.

Deputy Chairman of the Board:

Petr Šimoník, VSB Technical University of Ostrava

Members of the Board:

Vladimír Mařík – Czech Technical University in Prague

Pavel Václavek – Brno University of Technology

Eduard Palíšek - SIEMENS Czech Republic

Jana Polášek Filová - ŠKODA AUTO a.s.

Jaroslav Řasa - ABRA Software a.s

Jiří Holoubek – Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic

Members of the Executive Board are all members of the Board of Directors and the following partners: Festo, SIDAT, KUKA, IBM, Czech Chamber of Commerce, JIC, SIC and University of West Bohemia in Pilsen.