Bulletin of Industry 4.0 - Big Data / Digital Innovation Hubs

Bulletin of Industry 4.0 – 2019 / 06:
Big Data / Digital Innovation Hubs

From the Content:

  • Big Data: from a buzzword to real use. Data gain importance in connection with machine learning
  • Big Data and edge computing in industrial systems
  • Data mining, data analysis and prediction for rapid performance are cost savers for companies 
  • Digital Innovation Hubs: how can they help SMEs with digitization and their full list
  • Digital Europe: supercomputers are the first step
  • Digimat: digitization solution for South Moravia
  • Industrial blockchain in the Czech republic: technology of the future?
  • Case study: the journey of potato chips all the way from the grower to the consumer is recorded in blockchain
  • Blockchain is changing the banking industry even without cryptocurrencies
  • NCP4.0 has a new Board of directors

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