Bulletin of Industry 4.0 - Water 4.0 / Education for industry

Bulletin of Industry 4.0 – 05/2019:
Water 4.0 / Education for Industry

From the Content:

  • Water 4.0:  Smart Biotic Pump is a unique project which works on a natural principal and will enable arid regions a sustainable functionality and a self-sufficiency in water
  • Digitization of water and sewage infrastructure increases its economic efficiency and safety
  • College of Mechanical Engineering of CTU launched Industry 4.0 as a new study field
  • Businesses cooperate closely with schools on supporting technical education: DEL founded its own FUTURE LAB for students
  • The Chamber of Commerce supports the development of vocational education
  • ŠKODA AUTO creates new possibilities for students
  • Open House Day in Testbed for Industry 4.0 focused on industrial data security
  • IDSA opened its first hub in the Czech Republic at CIIRC CTU
  • Innovatech Fórum 4.0 presented case studies about Industry 4.0 implementation in production companies

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